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Caifanes Concert Tickets

See one of the most successful and well-known Mexican bands in rock and roll with Caifanes tickets from TicketSmarter. First formed in 1987, the rock group became one of Mexico’s first mainstream rock and roll bands and would go on to become one of the most influential prog-rock bands in the world. Finding their inspiration in bands like King Crimson, The Cure and Pink Floyd, Caifanes’ carved out a spot in the prog-rock scene for themselves. The group found popularity with their self-titled album, Caifanes in 1988 which grew popular throughout North America. The band went on to release three more albums in the 90s, making up the bulk of their discography.

Caifanes has had a variety of guest musicians following them on tour, being joined on stage by Chucho Merchan, Federico Fong and Stuart Hamm as temporary members of the band. Additionally, the group has collaborated with the Jaguares, Bon y Los Enemigos del Silencio and Laureano Brizuela. The band is also known as being the inspiration for a variety of other bands and musicians, including Fobia and El Tri. See one of the most influential prog rock bands in history with Caifanes tickets from TicketSmarter.

Caifanes Ticket Prices

Caifanes ticket prices can fluctuate based on venue sizes, seating arrangements and the location of an event. Seating arrangements with VIP options can create additional variations in ticket prices. VIP tickets for concert events will usually be more expensive than other tickets.

How much are Caifanes tickets?

Concert tickets for Caifanes can be found as low as $55, with an average ticket price of around $88 throughout their tours. Las Vegas’s House of Blues ticket pricing had a cost of around $60 with VIP tickets running $90 for tables and additional merch. Tickets for festivals like the Tropicalia Festival start at $99 and can go over $200 depending on what days you want to attend.

On average, tickets to see Caifanes live in concert will cost you $221.85 a ticket. Fans will see cheap Caifanes tickets listed on our site for just $37.00 a ticket. Those not worried about sticking to a budget can find Caifanes concert tickets going for $2055.00 a piece for seats near the front of the stage.

Caifanes Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

Most of Caifanes’ tours travel throughout North America, with the bulk of their tours taking place in Mexico and the USA. During their stinks in the USA, they travel through Texas and the west coast, with a brief stint through the Midwest. Most of their stops are in San Diego’s Observatory North Park, Santa Ana’s Observatory and Anaheim’s House of Blues. Caifanes can also be seen at the House of Blues in Las Vegas during their western tours.

Get ready to see Caifanes perform live in concert because the hit Mexican band has 11 upcoming shows planned for 2022. Caifanes next concert is set for December 1st, 2022 at 8:00pm. This concert is playing at the Golden State Theatre at 417 Alvarado Street, Monterey, CA. Fans can find tickets for this show from $76.00 - $94.00. Order soon because there are only 6 Caifanes tickets available for this live performance.

Most venues that Caifanes performs at are amphitheaters and clubs, with a smattering of them being outdoor events. Venues like the House of Blues Las Vegas and Anaheim make up the bulk of their performances, being larger clubs. They can occasionally be seen at larger venues when touring with other bands like Jaguares, or if they have guest musicians with them like Graham Nash.

When do Caifanes tickets go on sale?

Tickets for Caifanes events go on sale from three to five months prior to a concert, with their larger events being publicized far in advance. TicketSmarter makes it easy to find prog-rock and rock and roll concert seats because you don’t need a presale code to buy your seat tickets. Beat the box office lines with TicketSmarter.

Caifanes Seating Chart

Most of Caifanes’ performances are in venues with less than 3,000 seats. Both the House of Blues Las Vegas and Anaheim have around 2,500 seats with a variety of seating options, including VIP tables that offer a more relaxed, raised view of the stage separate from the floor stages at both venues. Other venues like the McAllen Convention Center are more traditional theatre settings with around 3,500 seats. The best seats at the McAllen and similar theatres are the center columns, within the first few rows of seating.

Reserve a comfortable seat to see Caifanes last show of the year on June 10th, 2023 at 8:00pm. The popular Mexican rock band is performing at the The Ritz - Raleigh at 2820 Industrial Drive, Raleigh, NC. Tickets to the performance start at $71.00 for seats in the back of the venue. A premium seat on the main floor near the front of the stage will cost you up to $139.00. There are only 174 tickets still available for this concert. Secure your seats now by ordering your Caifanes tickets today with TicketSmarter.

Safe and Secure Caifanes Ticket Purchasing

TicketSmarter’s platform provides a safe, worry-free process to buy Caifanes tickets. Buying rock and roll tickets with TicketSmarter is made easy with the highest standards in the industry. Security of information and purchases is one of our top priorities, which is why tickets purchased with TicketSmarter come with a 100% guarantee that they’ll be valid.

100% Caifanes Ticket Guarantee

All concert tickets purchased with TicketSmarter are 100% guaranteed to be legitimate. TicketSmarter has a 4.6/5.0 star rating from verified customers, meaning you can order your Caifanes tickets knowing that we have your back.

Songs from the Caifanes Tour Setlist

Caifanes's setlist while performing in Mexico City , DIF at “Palacio de los Deportes” included the following songs:

  1. Antes de que nos olviden
  2. No importa
  3. Metamorféame
  4. El negro cósmico
  5. Sólo eres tú
  6. Miedo
  7. Nubes
  8. Amanece
  9. Nunca me voy a transformar en ti
  10. Debajo de tu piel
  11. Nada
  12. Detrás de los cerros
  13. Canción sin miedo
  14. Mariquita
  15. Ayer me dijo un ave
  16. Los dioses ocultos
  17. Cuéntame tu vida
  18. Viento
  19. Mátenme porque me muero
  20. De noche todos los gatos son pardos
  21. Aviéntame
  22. Perdí mi ojo de venado
  23. Afuera
  24. Encore
  25. Quisiera ser alcohol
  26. Hasta morir
  27. Aquí no es así
  28. Te lo pido por favor
  29. No dejes que...
  30. La célula que explota
  31. La negra Tomasa
  32. Imagine


Caifanes Tour Dates

Monterey, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Jose, CA
Portland, OR
Vancouver, BC
Seattle, WA
Ontario, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Tucson, AZ
Charlotte, NC