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Los Tigres del Norte Concert Tickets

TicketSmarter is here to help you easily buy Los Tigres del Norte tickets. This norteño band was formed in San Jose, California in the 1960s. They are comprised of Jorge Hernández, Eduardo Hernández and Hernán Hernández. Additional members include Luis Hernández and Óscar Lara. Previously, their band featured Guadalupe and Lupe Olivo, as well as Freddy and Raúl Hernández. Together, these members have released almost fifty albums over their decades together. Their impressive output of music began with their 1968 debut album, Juana La Traicionera/Por El Amor A Mis Hijo. Since then, they have come out with Internacionalmente Norteños/La Tumba Del Mojado in 1983, El Rugido De Los Tigres Del Norte in 2010 and their 2020 album Y Su Palabra Es La Ley Homenaje a Vicente Fernández. Their most notable singles are “La Mesa Del Rincon/La Navidad De Los Pobres,” “La Puerta Negra/Poppurri Mexicano” and “Morena De San Francisco.” When you get your Los Tigres del Norte tickets, you also get a chance to see live performances of “De Un Rancho A Otro,” “El Que Tanto Te Amo” and “Ya Cambiara Mi Destino.”

In addition to their massive collection of studio albums and tracks, this band is highly decorated. They have been nominated for thirteen Grammy Awards, winning Best Mexican and Best Mexican-American Album for Gracias! … América… Sin Fronteras and Best Norteño Album for Raíces and Tu Noche Con Los Tigres Del Norte. Their album MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres Del Norte and Friends has also won the Grammy Award for Best Banda or Norteño Album. To see this overwhelmingly celebrated band, find tickets on our site today!

Los Tigres del Norte Ticket Prices

As they travel from city to city, the price of this group’s tour stops can vary. Our site is designed to help you navigate ticket prices so that you can make an informed decision.

How much are Los Tigres del Norte tickets?

When shopping for your Los Tigres del Norte tickets you can expect to pay an average price of $254.65 a ticket. The most you can pay is $2055.00, which is often for seats near the front of the stage. Many of the band’s live shows have cheap Los Tigres del Norte tickets listed for $69.00 a ticket.

Typically, Los Tigres del Norte tickets can run from as low as $55 to as high as $110. The price will fluctuate based on where they are playing and where you choose to sit. For example, to see them open at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago, tickets can be found for just $5! As a result, it’s important to compare prices on our site so that you can find an experience within your budget.

Los Tigres del Norte Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

Follow the Los Tigres del Norte concert schedule on our site so that you can see a tour stop near you! Catch this norteño band at huge events like the Super Bowl, or see smaller shows at places like the Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles, California. We keep our site up to date so that you will always know when there is an upcoming tour date or live performance near you.

In 2022, Los Tigres del Norte will play 13 shows around the country. Los Tigres del Norte next live concert will take place on October 28th, 2022 at 8:00pm. Be there to see the band perform live at the Wang Theater At The Boch Center at 270 Tremont Street, Boston, MA. Los Tigres del Norte tickets to this show start at $100.00 and go up to $629.00 a ticket. Place your order now because there are only 1331 tickets left for this performance.

When do Los Tigres del Norte tickets go on sale?

This band travels often so it’s easy to find tickets for sale. As soon as a tour date is announced, check our site for available seats.

Los Tigres del Norte Seating Chart

This band travels often and performs at a number of different venues, so it’s important to use TicketSmarter’s interactive seating chart to find your best seats. For example, we can lead you to the best spot at a show at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico. For a place like this, we would suggest you find close-up seating in sections 101-106. If you prefer to save a little bit of money, we can guide you to sections 501-507. If you would like seats for a concert at the Beaumont Civic Center in Texas, look for floor seating in sections 1-3, or check out areas R-T and K-H for seats near the stage. Our site is useful when it comes to comparing options and finding a view for the price you want.

Watch Los Tigres del Norte last performance of the year at the Smart Financial Centre on February 18th, 2023 at 7:30pm. This show is playing at 18111 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land, TX. If you're interested in seeing Los Tigres del Norte live in concert, you'll want to place your order soon because there are only 1236 Los Tigres del Norte tickets still available. Fans can find Los Tigres del Norte tour tickets priced from $87.00 - $1147.00 a seat.

Safe and Secure Los Tigres del Norte Ticket Purchasing

We only sell valid tickets on our site, and we back each purchase with our 100% ticket guarantee. As a result, you can shop safely on our secure site knowing that your Los Tigres del Norte tickets will be as authentic as those bought directly at any venue they play.

100% Los Tigres del Norte Ticket Guarantee

TicketSmarter offers a 100% ticket guarantee which means that we back you throughout your entire Los Tigres del Norte ticket buying experience. This means that you can shop with confidence on our site, which has been rated 4.6/5 stars by verified customers.

Songs from the Los Tigres del Norte Tour Setlist

Los Tigres del Norte's setlist while performing in Mexico City , DIF at “Zócalo de la Ciudad de México” included the following songs:

  1. La reunión
  2. La rutina
  3. Set 1
  4. Jefe de jefes
  5. Mi buena suerte
  6. No pude enamorarme más
  7. La reina del sur
  8. La mesa del rincón
  9. Ni parientes somos
  10. La reunión
  11. Contrabando y traición
  12. La manzanita
  13. La jaula de oro
  14. Pedro y Pablo
  15. La granja
  16. El contagio
  17. Señor locutor
  18. La camioneta gris
  19. Prisión de amor
  20. La bala
  21. José Pérez León
  22. Pacas de a kilo
  23. Libro de recuerdos
  24. El niño y la boda
  25. El rengo del gallo giro
  26. Rosita de olivo
  27. El son de la negra
  28. La ley del monte
  29. De que manera te olvido
  30. Por tu maldito amor
  31. Hermoso cariño
  32. Un consentido de Dios
  33. Set 2
  34. Somos más americanos
  35. América
  36. La puerta negra
  37. Golpes en el corazón
  38. El avión de la muerte
  39. Un día a la vez
  40. La rutina
  41. Los dos plebes
  42. Me regalo contigo
  43. La banda del carro rojo
  44. En dónde estabas
  45. Las flores de mi país
  46. Cuestión olvidada
  47. América


Los Tigres del Norte Tour Dates

Boston, MA
Fairfax, VA
Kent, WA
Kennewick, WA
Las Vegas, NV
Rosemont, IL
Columbus, OH
Austin, TX